The Manor's story

Back in 1982 the Landry family buys the Gauthier's little house (built in 1975) without even visiting it!

Their real estate agent tells us:


'Hortensia' is a common french name for Hydrangea

« ... Mr. Landry went on the porch, lit a cigarette and told me: Sold! He had not even visited the house, but the incredible view of the St-Lawrence River had convinced him. The rest was not important; this was the most beautiful site of the region. »

With his architect nephew's help, he embarks on a major expansion of the house to convert it into 'the Manor'. After 22 months of work, the house has tripled in size with the addition of many private and common rooms for the family. The Manor boasts of a library, a pool room, a ping-pong room, a wine cellar and a cold room for fruits and vegetables.

After a number of years the family is gradually leaving the nest and in 1997 Mr. Landry decides to convert the Manor into a Bed and Breakfast (B&B). He invests large sums of money to add a bathroom to each room, redecorate and landscape the five acres of land by adding multiple trees, shrubs and especially flowers, with plenty of space to walk around and enjoy each season. He decides to proudly name the Manor in his wife Hortense's honor, and Le Manoir Hortensia is born. Unfortunately Mr. Landry passed away not long after the improvements were completed and his estate had to sell the Manor.

In 2000, Mr. Milot an accountant from Montreal and his wife Ms. Caron, achieve their retirement dream and acquire the Manor. Unfortunately their dream was short lived and Ms. Caron dies of cancer in 2004. Mr. Milot continues to run the B&B but his heart is not into it anymore and he passes the torch to the Tremblay family.

The Tremblay family, including their teenage son, brings a renewal to the B&B. They install a Spa with a view on the St-Lawrence River, and it is functional in all seasons. A number of packages are put together to simplify the life of their visitors. They include golf, casino, whale watching, concerts, sea kayak, etc.

In early 2011, Mr. Tremblay is offered a challenge he can not refuse in his field of expertise. It is with sadness that the family sells the Manor, but they are confident that Pierre and Mario, the new owners, will continue the tradition of improving on what has been built.

Pierre and Mario are young retirees that are returning to their Quebec roots after spending 8 years in Toronto. They plan to expand the market of Le Manoir Hortensia' visitors to Ontario and Eastern USA, offering further packages to attract visitors in all seasons.

Pierre and Mario really want to offer you a unique experience and your comfort and happiness are their priority.

Looking forward to having you enjoy it.